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I am an Elder at the church where the sound panels were installed. Our Church is a multi use facility with very high ceilings and concrete walls. For the last 3 years my daughter has been in the sanctuary with us since the youth classes were moved to the hour before service. For the last 3 years she has mentioned numerous times that she does not get much out of the service because she cannot understand what is being said. My daughter is deaf yet can hear with the help of a Cochlear Implant. As good as it is, sound waves bouncing around does not make it easy for her. The first Sunday we all met together in the sanctuary for praise and worship I could notice that I can hear those around me singing. A sound I have not heard for a long while. The same day my daughter told me that she could hear the message clearly also. This has been very good for us as a family, to be able to discuss the morning message. Members in the congregation have mentioned the benefit also. Those with hearing aides are very thankful. The other thing I heard that was not sound related is that the sound panels add character to the sanctuary. They add a symmetry to the upper level of the room. Thank you Alpha Sound Media and Norbert for your quick installation. They came at the right time, Christmas is just around the corner.

Jerry O'Connell Elder,
NCCF Brantford, On.

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