Latest on Community Speakers

Community M12 monitors:

Community M12 monitors line the stage at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in Orlando, Florida. “The SBC owns eight of the M12 monitors, and we use them for every event,” says Monitor Engineer Blair McNair. “They reach through the stage muck to deliver a clean and clear sound, with great intelligibility.”

IBOX Speakers:


The auditorium's new sound system is based around the Community iBOX High-Performance Installation Series. A total of 20 IHP-1596 and IHP-1564 two-way systems are arranged in single and dual clusters creating a large format distributed system. The distributed layout allows the loudspeakers to be relatively close to the seating area and the iBOX's tight pattern control focuses the sound on the seats, away from the reflective playing surface and the glass windows that surround the building.


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